Dear Rotarians & Guests, I have the pleasure to welcome you all to Rotary Year 2016/17.
What a way to begin a new year!! A grand installation ceremony, with happy RCM members warmly welcoming our guests and Rotarians from over 30 clubs. Thank you so much for the spirit of togetherness that you showed when we hosted our guests on our installation.

To our Hosts Governor Bob and Stephen thank you for loving us and opening up your home for us to enjoy. It would be unfair not to thank the organising team led by our own Governor Emma, thank you for a job well
done! Special thanks go to RCM Members for your enormous contribution and support in such a short time that made the occasion such a success.

Now It’s time to roll our sleeves and walk the talk. As you are aware, this year is a special one “Our Foundation Centennial year” where in Atlanta we will celebrate 100 years of the Rotary foundation. Therefore our emphasis this year will be on TRF, membership and Public Relation.

I call upon all RCM Rotarians to use this opportunity, to engage in Serving Humanity. Buddy Groups are going to be the core of engagement with emphasis on Recognitions & Rewards to further engage and involve all our membership.

“This is not a time for us to say, somebody ought to do that, our words must be We will do it.” I would like to thank you once again & wish you a blessed year as “We serve Humanity.