Dear Members of Brand Number 1.  You qualify to be called Brand No.1 because of what you do and the way you do it.

I am proud to be a member of this Club for various reasons, but specifically because:

  • We are the biggest club in the Books of Africa. This Club did not become the biggest by default, it was by design and the appeal that it gives to all its members.
  • I belong to a Club that for years does what matters most in Rotary – giving – we have been the best givers in the District for years. We currently hold the prize for that which we won in Arusha this month.
  • I belong to a Club which has a rich diversity of professional members i.e. Professors, Judges, Doctors, Lawyers, an Army General, Business Leaders. The Club is home to a delightfully energetic mix of generations from 30 years to 80 years.
  • I belong to a club which takes its Rotary work seriously by carrying out major projects like the Blood Bank and others but at the same time mix it with fun, happiness and togetherness or unity.
  • In my club, we do things in a big way. We give to the foundation, we carry out projects in a big way and at the same time we also party and have fun in a big way.
  • I belong to a Club which has as its member the only Arch Klump Fellow in the Country, over 10 major donors, 13 Paul Harris Sustaining Fellows, 2 bequest society members, 2 benefactors and to crown it all, 117 Paul Harris Fellows – and these numbers will grow exponentially.

Given the foregoing, I am extremely humbled, delighted and honored to have been chosen by this Club to lead this Brand No.1.  Thank you so much.

I will be honest, when my Partner Chris Bwanika persuaded me after a period of about 5 years to join Rotary, I never had it in mind that I would one day be a President of Brand No.1 – it never crossed my mind.

In actual fact I never pursued leadership of any nature in this Club, it was after some time that I was persuaded to take up leadership positions, in many cases because of my professional background. I was mainly doing secretarial work for different committees in the Club; Secretary R.C.M Ltd, Secretary Omni- Capital Ltd, Chairman Toroma Rescue Missions, Chairman – installation of Gov. Emmanuel Katongole as President.

The idea of this big one came about 5 years ago when some members started telling me to stand up and be counted, I was initially reluctant but eventually I was convinced that I could do it, and fortunately 3 years ago you elected me to be Vice President Nominee of this great Brand.  Once again, thank you so much.

As I understand it, my mandate and that of my team on the executive is to GROW the Club.

GGoals of 2017/2018, RRealistic assessment of the resources / the members at our disposal, O – the Options we have, W – the Will to go on and on!

I believe in Service: I believe that a meaningful life is not about being rich, being popular, being highly educated or being perfect.  It’s about being humble, being strong, being able to share ourselves and touching the lives of others.

This is my performance ambition and my personal leadership standard.

I believe in Asking. And I shall ask!!  Vigorously. Completely.  Frequently.

I believe that good questions simply inform. And great questions really transform.

I shall ask about;

  • attraction, development and retention of quality membership,
  • the quality of our member participation,
  • the strength of our internal cohesion, focus and energy,
  • the level and frequency of our giving – we are Number 1 in giving.
  • how we scale up on our giving.
  • the Volume, Variety and scale of our Volunteerism in our service projects.
  • club extension work.
  • the speed and scale of our culture of excellence in execution especially for Mission Green.
  • our club’s footprint in the National Rotary Projects – Cancer, blood bank & Vijana Poa.
  • the support we are giving our own Governor of District 9211 – Gov. Ken Mugisha.
  • the depth of our connectivity between and among buddy groups.

I believe that the ultimate benefit of Asking will be to open new doors, to uncover new perspectives, generate practical alternatives and finally asking will spark progressive change in the profile and visibility of our Rotary brand.

“No matter how hard things are in the jungle, the lion will never eat grass.”

Muyenga is not about to eat grass.  That is our Service Standard in Rotary.

Isn’t this what 2017/2018 is all about? Remember that we members of Muyenga are perfect in our imperfections.

May you have a blessed and fruitful year!

Mubiru-Kalenge Steven